Jan 25 2017

Helck Family Collection: Old 16 at the Opening of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in 1957

For the inaugural races at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in 1957, Old 16 participated in the Vintage Exhibition Run.  Prior to this appearance, Old 16, the winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race, stopped off at the Long Island Automotive Museum in Southampton.


Howard Kroplick

Bridgehampton Race Circuit, Bridgehampton, NY September 29, 1957

Jerry Helck was the driver.

Long Island Automotive Museum


Jan 26 2017 Gary Hammond 8:48 AM

Judging by the name board on the trailer it appears that H. A. Clark had a major role in getting Old 16 out to Bridgehampton.  Definitely the trailer is marked LIAM, and I bet so was the truck.  Maybe either Walter McCarthy or Walt Gosden can shed light on the event.

Jan 29 2017 Howard Kroplick 11:16 AM

From Robert R.

I remember it well.

Austie had some cars there, and Charlie Adams toured sedately in an open Brass Era with a mysteriously veiled lady at his side.

Seems like yesterday.


Jan 29 2017 Roger Price 5:26 PM

Looking at the entrance to Austin Clark’s Automotive Museum, I can’t help but wonder what ever happened to that curved dash Oldsmobile that stood above the entrance.  Just wondering.

Howard Kroplick:

Great question!

Jan 30 2017 Frank Allocca 12:05 PM

Old Number 16 was brought to the first FIVA Rally held in the States, Jerry brought the car to a gathering in Lenox Mass. It was great to see it in action, Jerry gave a ride to Bunty Scott Moncrieff who was my guest from the U.K. I think the year was 1983…

Jan 31 2017 Daniel Timothy Dey 2:43 AM

There’s a Curved Dash Olds at the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum in Riverhead, but I’m not sure it’s the same one:


Howard Kroplick

Daniel, here is a link to information on the 1905 Oldsmobile at the Suffolk County Historical Society.



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