Jan 22 2014

Mystery Foto #52 Solved: The Wantagh Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge

For the one-year anniversary of Mystery Foto Friday, the 52nd in the series was a unique previously published photo of the Motor Parkway.

Mystery Foto questions:

-Identify the exact location on the Long Island Motor Parkway

On top of  Wantagh Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge looking east toward the Massapequa Lodge on the left and the Massapequa-Hicksville Road Motor Parkway nBridge in the background.

-What is the approximate date of the photo?

September 1908, one month prior to the opening of the Motor Parkway

-Bonus: Identify the purpose of the car seen in the photo

The photographer's Buick with his assistant sitting behind the wheel.

Congrats to Joe Oesterle, Greg Oreiro, Tim Ivers and Ariejan Bos for solving the Mystery Foto. Kudos to Joe, Tim and Greg for identifying the photographer's Buick.


Howard Kroplick

The Massapequa Lodge on the left and the photographer's Buick.

The Central Railroad to the south of the Motor Parkway.

Other photos of the photographer's Buick

Merrick Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge looking east.

Carman Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge looking north.

Westbury Road Motor Parkway Bridge looking northwest.


Feb 18 2014 Howard Kroplick 11:16 AM

Joe Oesterle 11:14 PM

Bridge over N Wantagh Avenue, Massapequa Lodge is the giveaway.  Taken 1908, during construction.  Probably before the official opening in October.  The car belongs to the photographer.

Greg Oreiro 9:33 AM

Standing on the Wantagh Ave parkway bridge looking East at the Massapequa lodge and the Hicksville Rd bridge in the distance. The date is September 1908.

The car appears to be the same Buick owned by the photographer who took the well-known photo used on the cover of the book taken on top of the Carmen Ave bridge.

Art Kleiner 8:03 PM

Let’s give this a try:
Westbury Road Bridge with the Merrick Ave. Bridge and the Meadow Brook lodge on the left in the background.
Car is used by a photographer.
Ariejan Bos

This is Wantagh Avenue Bridge under construction. We are looking east towards the Massapequa Avenue Bridge, the Massepequa toll lodge can be seen on the left side along the road. On the right we see the LIRR. The date must be somewhere in August or September 1908 near completion of the LIMP. The Buick features on several photographs of the LIMP under construction, but doesn’t carry a (visible) license plate. It could belong to an inspector of the road construction company or maybe to a journalist checking the progress.
Of course as always thanks for your work and good luck with the upgrading process of the site!

Tim Ivers 7:37 PM

Looking eastward from atop Wantagh Avenue bridge.  About 1908.  Massapequa Lodge on left of roadway at the Hicksville Road overpass.  Railroad on right running parallel to LIMP.  Now the power company ROW.  Vehicle belongs to photographer.  Path of LIMP is now the driveway entrance to the “decommissioned” 8th Precinct.

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