Dec 27 2018

From A Grandfather’s Photo Album: The Durant Special on the Motor Parkway in 1923

Robert Martens posted this YouTube video in 2011 made up of photos from his grandfather's 1923 album.  it features four photos of Gustave Martens' Durant Special as his family traveled on the Long Island Motor Parkway.


Howard Kroplick


The location of the Motor Parkway bridgein  this 1923 photo is unknown.Anyone want to take a guess?

Motor Parkway posts and wire seem to be in the background of this photo.


Dec 28 2018 Brian D McCarthy 11:12 PM

This is great! Old Courthouse Rd Hwy Bridge is jumping out of my head, east or west.

Dec 29 2018 Art Kleiner 3:34 PM

My guess too, Brian!

Dec 30 2018 frank femenias 1:15 AM

Excellent find Howard. I’ve seen Martens’ videos of the ‘64-‘65 NY World’s Fair but managed to miss this gem. After verifying, I now see he also filmed the ‘39-‘40 World’s Fair. Can’t wait to check that one out.

Not sure about Old Courthouse Bridge, but if so, they’re standing on the west side of the bridge with photo facing NE. It’s the only way to light up that abutment wall that’s facing southward. To include lighting up the bridge (as shown), the photo had to be taken sometime in the afternoon.

The bridge in the photo however is single metal rail. All the other LIMP highway bridges in photos are all double railed (including farmway wooden rails). The only bridge in photos that matches is the Westbury bridge. And as crazy as this sounds, a possibility that they’re standing below the Motor Pkwy on Westbury Rd, on the south side of the bridge (bridge facing southward, abutment wall facing southeastward). The closest LIMP exits from here are Meadowbrook lodge to the west, and LIACC temporary entrance/exit to the east.

To continue, the other photo of the couple cuddling at the passenger door, shows a building in the background (outside driver’s window) resembling the double stacked chimney LIACC clubhouse. But I can’t verify the photo’s location/position. I suspect it was taken on the LIMP bend in Levittown by Carnation Rd, and then they exited at LIACC. 

The Martens’ are from College Point, so likely entered the Motor Parkway from the Western Terminus, and exited at LIACC to Westbury Road. No more Starbucks coffee for me, goodnite!

Jan 08 2019 Tom 8:32 AM

Nice pics for us old car buffs!

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