Dec 31 2011

The Top Twenty 2011 Posts on

My "Top 20" 2011 posts to celebrate the New Year:










#1: Exclusive Video: Emerson Fittipaldi Driving the Alco Black Beast During the 2011 Indy 500 Parade Lap


#2: Over 675 Drivers and Mechanicians Have Given the Black Beast a Thumbs-Up in 2011






#3: Exclusive: The Vanderbilt Cup Trophy Today






#4:  The New York Times Article: “Mechanical Wonder From an Age Gone By”




#5: The Dramatic Untold Story of the Marmon Wasp During the 2011 Indy 500 Parade Lap






#6: Exclusive Video “World’s Oldest Running Car Sold for A Record $4.62 Million”








#7 From the Walter McCarthy Collection: A Tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr.










#8: “Clean Up the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge Day” a Big Success & Bridge History









#9: News Clip “The Beast is Back”










#10: A Tribute to the Mechanicians of the Vanderbilt Cup Races




#11: Helps Solve an Old Oldsmobile Photo Mystery in the Lansing State Journal




#12: Newsday: “Vintage race cars celebrated at Indy 500”





#13:   Highlights from Old Timer’s Day at the Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia





#14: “The Black Beast” in the 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Official Program




#15: A Family Remembers a Vanderbilt Cup Race Driver- William Luttgen





#16: Film “The 1954 Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally” with Henry Austin Clark, Jr.








#17: Then & Now: Extant Structures on the Vanderbilt Cup Race Courses






#18:  A Vanderbilt Cup Race Physician and the Jericho Friends Meeting House






#19: Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #14 Lakeville Road Motor Parkway Bridge in Lake Success




#20: In Search of Alcos: #11 The 1912 Alco Convertible Touring Car Stored in a Rehoboth Barn


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Jan 01 2012 Roger Price 10:22 AM

I just want to thank you for your weekly emails, which update activities of the Motor Parkway Preservation Society.
I look forward to your emails each week.
I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2012.

Jan 01 2012 Howard Kroplick 12:20 PM

Thanks, Roger!

Happy New Year!!


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