Oct 31 2016

A North Hempstead Halloween Video: Updated: 10/31/2016

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Howard Kroplick


Oct 29 2016 Michael LaBarbera 8:57 AM

Awsome Video Howard, in George Washington’s Long Island diary from his 1790 tour of LI he stayed at a home belonging to an Onderdonk, Probably from that area and maybe in that location. Any indication of the actual home he stayed on the property ? Love them ol’ ghost stories !!

From Howard Kroplick

George Washington has breakfast at Hendrick Oderdonck’s home in Roslyn- “I was well entertained.” The home is now Henrdick’s Tavern.


Oct 29 2016 Brian D McCarthy 12:21 PM

I really enjoyed the video. The presence of the 4 yr old girl was quite sad. In the past, it was common for people to pass on at such a young age, usually due to illness that people get presently. The medicines that we have today just didn’t exist back then. I hope the young girl that passed away has past family around her. It seems like the other presences just want to be acknowledged.

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