Dec 28 2013

Vanderbilia Postcard Series #2: The Locomobile Postcards of the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

In celebration of its surprising third place finish in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Locomobile Company of Bridgeport , Connecticut published a series of 12 postcards showing the #7 racer driven by Joe Tracy and Al Poole.


Howard Kroplick

The postcards featured locations on the west section of the course.

Driver Joe Tracy and his mechanician Al Poole prior to the race. Note the #7 was early "photoshopped" on the postcards.

Referee William K. Vanderbilt Jr. can be seen two persons to the left of the #7 racer.

Heading east, the railroad crossing on Jericho Turnpike was less than a 1/4 mile from the Start-Finish line. The train was used a grandstand for LIRR officials including the President Ralph Peters.

Warning: There is currently a red-light camera at the very same Guinea Woods turn in Old Westbury.

Great caption" The Locomobile Which Upheld the Honor of America".

One of the many tire stations on the1905  course.

In front of Willie K's Deepdale Estate on Lakeville Avenue in Lake Success.

New Hyde Park Road is now the southern section of Lakeville Road.

This photo was taken from the steeple of a church on the corner of Lakeville Road and  Jericho Turnpike.

Note the banner promoting shock absorbers.

An official is waving a flag to signify the end of the race for the Locomobile.

A dejected Vincenzo Lancia in his Fiat can be seen on the left. Lancia was leading the race by 50 miles when he crashed into the Christie during lap #8.


Dec 29 2013 frank femenias 1:09 AM

“Taken from the steeple of a church on the corner of Lakeville Road and Jericho Turnpike”: Wow!, admiring all that land space behind. Where’s Umberto’s Pizza? A fascinating shot, thanks Howard.

Dec 29 2013 KJHarris 9:01 AM

Nice set of cards!


Dec 29 2013 Howard Kroplick 11:07 AM

From Gorden:

thanks again for this valuable info i enjoy so much and have a happy and healthy new year

Dec 29 2013 Art Kleiner 12:55 PM

Great collection of racing memorabilia.  Thanks for sharing, Howard!

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