Jun 29 2010

The Italian Team for the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

The Italian Team for the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race consisted of five Fiats. The team represented the Automobile Club of Turin and was managed by Fiat's American agents, Hollander & Tangeman. Three of the drivers were prominent Italian racers selected by Fiat; Vincenzo Lancia, Felice Nazzaro and Emanuel Cedrino. Hollander & Tangeman selected the other two drivers, Louis Chevrolet and Paul Sartori. Fiat proudly promoted the team in this poster.

The 1905 Program Guide provided these technical specifications on the five FIATs. A fascinating aspect of the team is that three of the drivers went on to design cars and have automobile marques named for them; Chevrolet, Lancia and Nazzaro. The Fiats placed four cars among the top ten in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race:


#4 Fiat (Italy) driven by Vincenzo Lancia, 120 HP. Finished 4th. Fortunes of race changed when Lancia collided with Christie who was only on Lap 4 at I.U. Willets Road at Michelin Tire Station in Albertson. Broke rear wheel. Delayed 30 minutes and lost by 24 minutes and 23 seconds.


#8 Fiat (Italy) driven by Felice Nazzaro, 120 HP. Finished 6th. Still running in Lap #9 when race was called. Averaged 58.2 mph.


#12 Fiat (Italy) driven by Emanuel Cedrino. 90 HP. Finished 18th. Damaged steering gear during Lap 3 after hitting telegraph pole in Lakeville.


#16 Fiat (Italy) driven by Louis Chevrolet. 90 HP. Finished 10th. Ran into telegraph pole at the S curve at Willis Avenue and broke front wheel and bent front axle during Lap 7.


#20 Fiat (Italy) driven by Paul Sartori. 90 HP. Finished 7th.Broke crankshaft during Lap 9

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