Tag: Accidents

  • Oct 12 2016

    An Accident on the Motor Parkway in Garden City on July 8, 1931- Updated: 10/17/16

    This is a never-before-published photo of an accident which occurred on the Long Island Motor Parkway in Garden City on July, 8, 1931.

  • Jan 28 2012

    George Robertson’s Last Race

    After skipping the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1908 winner George Robertson was preparing for a triumphant return in the 1910 Race driving a Benz. His hopes for a repeat win and his future racing career were dashed with one of the strangest accidents in Vanderbilt Cup Race history.

  • Jan 26 2010

    The 1906 Accident That Changed Long Island Auto Racing

    Tony, the powerful French Hotckiss car involved in the accident was driven by Elliot Shepard, Jr., a 30-year old American and William K. Vanderbilt Jr's cousin. As described in several publications, the accident occurred near the Long Island Railroad crossing on Jericho Turnpike in Mineola: